They say that backing up is hard to do…

Are your computers moving at a

snails pace?

Read On To See How You Can Make Your Computer Network Run Like New Again

Are you frustrated by slow PCs, screen freezes, error messages and things not working right in general?
These are all signs that your computer network is desperately in need of either an upgrade OR a tune up.

What Causes Computer Networks To Run Slow?
Over time, all computers and servers slow down and become progressively worse. The main reasons are:

  • Spyware, viruses and other malware secretly installed on your machine. We say “secretly” because most users don’t realize their computer is infected until it’s too late. Most viruses and malware programs circulating on the Internet today are well designed, highly sophisticated programs designed to install themselves and work in the background, undetected – and often the only sign you’ve been compromised is slow performance.
  • Old equipment. Believe it or not, most PCs only have a shelf life of 3 years. (Amazing, isn’t it?) But there are ways to extend your computer’s life, which brings me to the next point…
  • Poor Maintenance. Just like a car, computer networks need regular maintenance (or “tune-ups”) in order to maintain top speed and performance. In fact, there are over 100 different system checks and updates that need to be done on a regular basis, including disk defragmentation, patch management and the removal of unnecessary files and programs (to name only a few).

If you haven’t been monitoring and maintaining your computer network and things are starting to break down and run slow, we’d like to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY Network Assessment (a $300 Value) as a way of introducing ourselves to you.

There is no cost or obligation when you say “Yes” to this complimentary service – but you have to act fast! Due to time and staff limitations, we can only offer this COMPLIMENTARY  Network Assessment up to the first 5 who respond!

At no cost or obligation, we’ll send a friendly, expert technician to your office to:

  • Review your firewall and security settings to make sure you ARE protected from hackers, viruses, spyware, etc.
  • Verify that your data is being backed up in a format that COULD be recovered in the event of a disaster.
  • Review system logs for errors and other “red flags” that could develop into bigger problems.
  • Check your power source to make sure you are protected against lightning strikes and power surges.

Fair Warning: This service will only be given to the first 5 companies who contact us, so call today:  (818) 249-1962 main menu press 1,  or email us at

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